Alrimh MC has a business scope covering a full series of industrial machinery, especially focusing on PU, polyurea spray, and injection machines such as the prime brands of GRACO and HENNEKCE.

Alrimh MC has a range of machines for our PU foam and polyurea, such as the Graco Reactor 2 E30 for PU foam and the Reactor 2 EXP-2 for polyurea. We assist businesses in meeting their various DCL certification requirements by providing the appropriate machine, training, and troubleshooting. We provide complete training in PU, polyurea spray, and overall completion of the combo waterproofing process stage by stage, assisting customers in saving materials and increasing profits.

Professional Experience

Graco Spare Parts

We deal with wide range of spare parts of Graco Technology as Authorised Distributor

Graco Machine Operation Training

Graco offers many instructor-led courses designed for the professional contractor. Below are some of the training classes available this year:

  • Basic Mechanical Service
  • Pump Repair
  • Product Service Training, and Pump Basics.
  • EcoQuip Equipment
  • Foam and Polyurea Equipment, and Accessories
  • Protective Coatings Equipment and Accessories
  • ToughTek Mortar Equipment and Accessories
  • XM PFP equipment

The focus of our in-person classes is on hands-on learning. Call us Now.

Qualified Mechanical Engineers

Alrimh MC s authorised distributor of Graco Technology. Graco  provides a unique environment for Mechanical, Manufacturing/Industrial, and Electrical Engineers to innovate with some of the industry’s latest technology.  Graco spend three times the industry average every year to focus on new product innovation to make sure we are a step ahead of the competition. With this emphasis on new ideas comes many opportunities for our engineers to learn new processes and applications. Our engineers are involved in every step of the product knowledge from a small part till full package.

Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC )

Our regular maintenance is a fixed annual cost that includes the repair and replacement labor and parts. This program includes all components and parts of GRACO equipment.