Heat Shrink Sleeve HBPE80
Heat Shrink-Sleeve HBPE80

Heat Shrink Sleeve HBPE80, Heat shrinkable wrap-around sleeve is designed for corrosion protection of girth weld joint buried steel pipeline, especially for 3LPE/DFBE/FBE/CTE/HDPE factory coating pipeline.

Application Guide

Recommended Use

As a primerEpoxy Primer in a 3-layer polyethylene coating system for superior corrosion protection of the field welded joints of steel pipes. The RP 09 series epoxy
primer needs to be applied onto the steel surface and onto the line coating if needed, when this line coating is PE, FBE, DFBE, or CTE.

Construction:  Three-Layer system
First layer: Liquid epoxy primer RP09, solvent-free two-component
Second layer: High shear strength hot-melt co-polymer adhesive
Third layer: Radiation cross-linked, high-density polyethylene backing, backing with SIP (Shrink Indicator Pattern)

Feature & Benefits

  1. The excellent multi-functional adhesive allows for lower installation pre-heat temperature and super bonding to PE/DFBE/FBE/CTE/HDPE offer fully resistant to shear forces induced by soil and thermal movements
  2. Superior cathodic dis-bondment and hot water immersion resistance offer the optimum barrier long term protection against corrosion
  3. Saves time and cost by lower pre-heat temperature, wet epoxy primer application
  4. Embossed backing provides a Shrink Indicator Pattern for the application of heat, ensuring correct application heating
  5. Fully resistant to shear force
  6. Completely reform the 3LPE-coated pipes

Selection Criteria

Standard Reference EN 12068 Class C 80HT UV, NACE, ISO 21809-3
Compatible line coatings PE/FBE/DFBE/CTE/HDPE
Soil stress restriction None
Max. operating temperature 85ºC
Pre-heat temperature 60-80ºC
 Recommended pipe preparation SA 2½

Ordering Information

HBPE-type products are available:

As cut piece (pre-cut sleeve with separate closure patch)

As a roll (closure patches to be ordered separately)

Select sleeve width that will overlap onto the mill-applied coating by 2 inches (50 mm) minimum on each side of the weld joint Sleeve width (mm): 16”, 18″, 20″, 24″

Other widths (10″-36″) are available as per Customer’s special requirements.

Product thickness (mm)

Backing (as supplied)  Adhesive (as supplied)  Total thickness (recovered on pipe)
0.9 1 2.2
1 1.1 2.4
1 1.3 2.6
1.2 1.4 3
1.2 1.6 3.2
1.5 1.5 3.5

Standard Ordering Options

Product thickness (mm)

Cut piece ( Pre-Cut sleeve with separate closure patch) *Roll form (closure patches to be ordered separately)
Example: HBPE80-12 X18/2.4 Example: HBPE80-18 X100/2.4-RL
80 Operating Temperature 80ºC 80 Operating Temperature 80ºC
12 Outside pipe diameter in inch 18 Roll width in inch
18 Sleeve width in inch 100 Roll length in feet
2.4 Sleeve Thickness in mm 2.4 Roll thickness in mm
 R.L  Supplied in rolls

Closure Patch

Product thickness (mm)

Backing (as supplied)  Adhesive (as supplied)  Total thickness (recovered on pipe)
0.9 1 2.2
1 1.1 2.4
1 1.3 2.6
1.2 1.4 3
1.2 1.6 3.2
1.5 1.5 3.5

Product Properties

PE Backing

Properties Test Method Typical Values
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 23MPa
Elongation ASTM D-638 620%
Hardness, Shore D ASTM D-2240 55
Shrink force @ 150ºC ASTM-638 40 psi
Di-electric voltage breakdown ASTM D-149 35kV/mm
Moisture absorption ASTM D-570 0.04%


Properties Test Method Typical Values
Softening point ASTM E-28 120ºC
Lap sheer EN I2068/ISO21809-3 .
@23ºC . 5N/mm
@ 80ºC . 0.5N/mm


Properties Test Method Typical Values
Peel to Steel @23ºC EN12068/ISO21809-3 120N/cm
Cathodic disbondment @23ºC EN12068/ISO21809-3, 28 days < 3mm
@80ºC EN12068/ISO21809-3, 28 days <10mm
Hot Water Immersion 120 days @80ºC ASTM D-870 No de-lamination, no blisters or water ingress
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D-2671-C -25ºC
Impact Resistance EN12068, Class C 15J no holiday
Penetration Resistance @80ºC EN12068, Class C >0.6mm residual thickness

Note: The typical values in this data sheet are based on lab-prepared samples. For project-specific requirements please consult with SNI INDIA


Storage: Indoor, clean, dry away from direct sunlight in a cool place below +50°C

Installation: For proper installation and performance please refer to our installation instruction

Personnel Qualification: Installation of the HBPE80 coating system should be carried out by SNI INDIA-certified personnel