Epoxy Primer
RP09 Epoxy Primer

RP 09 series epoxy primer is specially formulated 100% volume solids (free-solvent) 2 component epoxy, designed for corrosion protection of steel pipelines. RP09 series epoxy primer provides excellent anti-corrosion properties to resist cathodic disbandment, impact, and abrasion of sand and stone. RP09 series  primer exhibit excellent electric insulation properties during pipeline experiencing various environmental condition and is used with heat shrinkable sleeve to provide long-lasting protection of steel pipeline.it can also be used as an independent coating providing durable protection against chemical attacks. RP 09 series epoxy primer can be applied by brush, roller, or applicator pad.

Epoxy Primer Application Guide

Recommended Use of Epoxy Primer

As a primer in a 3-layer polyethylene coating system for superior corrosion protection of the field welded joints of steel pipes. The RP 09 series epoxy
primer needs to be applied onto the steel surface and onto the line coating if needed, when this line coating is PE, FBE, DFBE, or CTE.

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  1. Prepare the pipe surface as recommended in the product installation manual.
  2. Pour curing agent (Part B) into the base (Part A) as per mixing ratio. Stir the mixture to ensure a homogeneous mixture.
  3.  Carefully apply mixed  as indicated in the product installation manual.

Technical Specification

Color Black
Solid Content 100%
Density Part A 1.70+/-0.1
Part B 1.0+/-0.05
Mixing Ratio By Volume 3(Part A):1(Part B)
Typical Coverage (This coverage is based on 100-150 Micron average thickness) 6sqm/ltr.
Typical Thickness 100-150 Micron
Pot life Shelf Life @230C @400C 35 min

15 min

2 yrs*

Flash Point Part A Part B 1450C