CONTINUOUS SANDWICH PANEL LINE For high productivity needs, Ekosystem offers a complete solution for the production of top-quality sandwich panels. fo with different panel thicknesses, facings, profiles, and cores. Every line is uniquely created and produced in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the end product.


The uncoiling unit is placed at the beginning of the production line. Its main function is to hold and drive the steel coil that is being fed into the roll forming machine. Thanks to an automatic connecting system it is possible to connect two coils without stopping the line. The roll forming station consists of both upper and lower forming group. Its main function is to form the sandwich panels sheet surfaces. Individually controlled top and bottom steel pre-heaters heat the steel to the correct temperature prior to the application of the polyurethane. The configuration of the roll forming is specifically designed according to the end-product characteristics


This section is a key stage in the production process. Ekosystem’s multicomponent dosing unit is at the heart of the production line for sandwich panels with polyurethane core. Our double belt design is the result of years of manufacturing experience and feedback from operating units. Ekosystem can supply modular double belt conveyors with different lengths according to specific production needs.


After leaving the double belt conveyor, the sandwich panel proceeds towards the cutting section, where finished panels are cut to the desired length. The cutting machine is composed of an automatic panel cutting system with band saw, laminator out-feed conveyor and cross cut with band saw.


Before stacking, the panels enter the so-called ‘cooling area’ through a conveyor. The cross-cutting machine’s cut panels are intended to be transferred to the conveyor. and it uses lateral translation belts to force them into the cooling system. The cooling conveyor has several vertical forks that hold the panels in a vertical cooling position. The conveyor is outfitted with lateral translation belts to transport the cut panels from the cross-cutting device into the cooling system.

The cooling conveyor is made up of many vertical prongs that hold the panels in a position where they can cool vertically. The stacking unit is made to stack completed panels as they come off the cooling conveyor or cutting portion. The packing equipment at the end of the line is then used to wrap the stacked panels. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us Now.