Graco E10 hP

Part Number: APT902

Graco E10 hp is an ideal entry-level system and is great for coating projects such as balconies, pools, waterproofing, and Bedliner applications. It is a smart, affordable investment that will help your business grow

More about Graco E10 hp

And, despite being an entry-level system, it has lots of power. The Graco E10 hp incorporates high pressure to provide the power and performance required to spray polyurea coatings. This little machine is lightweight and portable, and it even functions on home electricity, eliminating the need for a generator. If you want to expand your polyurea projects.

Graco E10 hp High-Pressure Proportioner is a sensible, low-cost investment that will help your business develop. The high-pressure power and performance of the Reactor E-10hp are required for spraying polyurea coatings.It is appropriate for small and medium-sized projects including terraces, pools, balconies, tanks, truck bedliners, secondary containment, and waterproofing.

Heats material fast for better productivity. Portable, compact, and easy to maneuver.

With the system’s innovative boost heat and insulated tanks, the material heats up fast.

inshort , we Alrimh Al Thahabi Building Material Trading provide technical services to all Graco Reactors including Graco E10 hp.

  • Digital heat controls
    • Allows you to enter the exact temperatures you need
    • Uses the same circuit boards as a standard Reactor
  • Single-knob motor operation
    • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Insulated tanks
    • Double-wall insulated to retain heat
    • Smooth interior lining for easy cleaning
    • Improved seal design on lid for better moisture control
  • Directs unused power from the motor circuit to additional heater rods
  • Additional heater power brings the material to desired temperatures faster during recirculation mode

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Air Inlet Size (in) 1/4
Air Inlet Thread Type Quick-Disconnect Pin
Air Outlet Size (in) 1/4
Air Outlet Thread Type NPSM
Amperage (A) 15
Application Protective Coatings
Applicator Type Manual
Compatible Material Plural Components
Component Type Two Component
Flush Type Solvent